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Senior Dual Meets

Senior Dual Meets


The only person that can cancel a meet is the Referee.  Representatives from each team will consult with the referee for delays or cancellations due to weather or other circumstances.  What this means, is that no meet will ever be cancelled prior to its start time.  Therefore, always show up to a meet no matter how unlikely it seems there will be a meet. 


Parking at our pool and at those we swim against is very limited.  For home meets, please consider walking to the pool leaving your car at home.  If you drive, remember to park on only one side of the street facing right direction.  For away meets, try your best to carpool with someone. 



Swimmer should eat a high carbohydrate meals two days prior to and the day of the meet to help with performance.  Pasta, rice and breads are good sources of complex carbohydrates.  A fruit snack like bananas, oranges or apples is recommended between 3:00 and 4:00 on the day of the meet.  Candy bars, hot dogs and the like are not suitable foods for competition and ingestion of this type of food may not only impair his or her performance but may also make the child sick.

Swimmers also need lots of liquids during the meet. You should pack children fruit juices if they will not drink water. Although concession services are available at most meets, pack your child a "lunch" if you want to have either control over what your child eats or want to be sure he or she will be fed during the course of the meet.


The coach asks that the children rest quietly on meet day after plenty of rest the night before.


Bring a portable chair if you want to be sure you have a seat for the swim meet. 

Swimmers should have a sunscreen, towel, swim goggles, suit, swim cap if their hair is shoulder length or longer, and footwear.  Games, snacks, drinks, are also good ideas.

Swimmer Check-in

Per ASA guidelines, home teams warm-up first at 4:30 pm and visiting teams warm-up at 4:45 pm.  Therefore for home meets swimmers should report no later than 4:00pm and 4:30 pm for away meets.

Once arriving to the meet the swimmer should report immediately to the team area.  For home meets, this will be our baby pool area.  For away meets it shouldn't be too hard to find, but if not sure just ask someone from the other team.  Before and during the meet your child MUST BE in the designated are if they are not warming-up or swimming an event.  Plan accordingly by packing and labeling everything ahead of time.  Please discuss with your child to be respectful to the volunteer parents.  If your child leaves the designated area for any reason he/she must communicate that with the volunteer parent.  Volunteer parents do not have time to search for swimmers!  If your child is with you make sure they make the event.

Swimmer Event Matrix

One of the most important activities a swimmer will do during the check-in process is get their entries for the meet.  Each swimmer will get his or her assignments written in Sharpie pen on an arm in "special code". The youngest swimmers often get their names written on a shoulder blade with their age designation. Don't worry, the writing comes off after the meet with eye makeup remover or baby oil and gentle scrubbing.

The "special code" matrix will look something like this:









FR #2











S=Stroke Description

Using this matrix, you see that this swimmer is entered into 3 events.  She will swim in:

1)  Event #1 (E1), Heat 1 (H1) in Lane 3 (L3) for the Free Relay as the 2nd swimmer.

2)  Event #13 (E13), Heat 3 (H3) in Lane 1 (L1) for the Freestyle

3)  Event #35 (E35), Heat 2 (H2) in Lane 3 (L3) for the Backstroke

In the Stroke column you'll see several different abbreviations.  They may include FLY (Butterfly), BR (Breaststroke), F or FREE (Freestyle), BK (Backstroke), IM (Individual Medley), FR (Freestyle Relay, usually followed by a number to indicate which leg), and MR (Medley Relay, usually follow by a number or the stroke they are doing)

During a meet there will always be an event board that displays the current event in progress.  Keep an eye out for that board and the announcements to make sure you don't miss your child's events.

Meet Timeline

Lineup Swap:  3:00pm - Day before Meet

Coaches will assign swimmer to events and heats well in advance of the deadline.  Therefore, they must know if a swimmer is competing in a meet or not.  Of course, illness cannot be planned but if your child may not be well enough to compete, please keep in constant contact with the coaches.  

Meet Consolidation: 10:00 pm - Day before Meet

Coaches or Managers will merge the entries from both teams and assign lanes for each swimmer, trying to decrease the numbers of heats for each event.

Warm-ups:  4:30 pm Home Team, 4:45 pm Visiting Team

Entries Finalized:  5:00 pm

Last minute changes and substitutions are permitted up till this time. 

Workers Reports & Referee Briefing:  5:15 pm

Meet Starts:  5:30 pm

Meet Ends:  Around 8:30 pm


The official Hammerhead swimsuit is the Nike Victory Color Block.  There is a section in this handbook with more details. Swimmers are asked to wear their team suit or similar Navy colored suit during swim meets.

Each swimmer will also receive a team t-shirt and are ask to wear them to each meet.  For some home meets, coaches like to have dress up themes, in which case swimmers do not have to wear their team t-shirt.  We do ask that once they take off their "costume" to wear the team shirt. 

Swimmers should compete their uniform with a swim cap. Each swimmer will receive a latex cap with their registration, however, a silicone cap with your customized name can be purchased through our registration process.

Swim goggles are highly recommended, but swimmer must understand that sometimes they come off or move.  If that happens during a race the swimmer should not stop to fix them.  They must continue to race.  Goggles have a knack of disappearing so it’s a good idea to always have a backup pair.

Order of Events

 Per ASA Rules, all meets follow a predefined order of events.  Here is the list:


1. 6 & Under Girls 100 Free Relay

3. 7–8 Girls 100 Med. Relay

5. 9-10Girls 100 Med. Relay

7. 11-12 Girls 200 Med. Relay

9. 13-14 Girls 200 Med. Relay

11. 15-18 Girls 200 Med. Relay

2. 6 & Under Boys 100 Free Relay

4. 7–8 Boys 100 Med. Relay

6. 9-10 Boys 100 Med. Relay

8. 11-12 Boys 200 Med. Relay

10. 13-14 Boys 200 Med. Relay

12. 15-18 Boys 200 Med. Relay


13. 6 & Under Girls 25 Freestyle

15. 7–8 Girls 25 Freestyle

17. 9-10 Girls 25 Freestyle

19. 11-12 Girls 50 Freestyle

21. 13-14 Girls 50 Freestyle

23. 15-18 Girls 50 Freestyle

25. 7-8 Girls 50 Freestyle

27. 9-10 Girls 50 Freestyle

29. 11-12 Girls 100 Freestyle

31. 13-14 Girls 100 Freestyle

33. 15-18 Girls 100 Freestyle

14. 6 & Under Boys 25 Freestyle

16. 7-8 Boys 25 Freestyle

18. 9-10 Boys 25 Freestyle

20. 11-12 Boys 50 Freestyle

22. 13-14 Boys 50 Freestyle

24. 15-18 Boys 50 Freestyle

26. 7-8 Boys 50 Freestyle

28. 9-10 Boys 50 Freestyle

30. 11-12 Boys 100 Freestyle

32. 13-14 Boys 100 Freestyle

34. 15-18 Boys 100 Freestyle


35. 6 & under Girls 25 Backstroke

37. 7 – 8 Girls 25 Backstroke

39. 9–10 Girls 25 Backstroke

41. 11-12 Girls 50 Backstroke

43. 13-14 Girls 50 Backstroke

45. 15-18 Girls 50 Backstroke

36. 6 & under Boys 25 Backstroke

38. 7 – 8 Boys 25 Backstroke

40. 9-10 Boys 25 Backstroke

42. 11-12 Boys 50 Backstroke

44. 13-14 Boys 50 Backstroke

46. 15-18 Boys 50 Backstroke


47. 7 – 8 Girls 100 Indiv. Medley

49. 9–10 Girls 100 Indiv. Medley

51. 11-12 Girls 100 Indiv. Medley

53. 13-14 Girls 100 Indiv. Medley

55. 15-18 Girls 100 Indiv. Medley

48. 7 – 8 Boys 100 Indiv. Medley

50. 9-10 Boys 100 Indiv. Medley

52. 11-12 Boys 100 Indiv. Medley

54. 13-14 Boys 100 Indiv. Medley

56. 15-18 Boys 100 Indiv. Medley


57. 7 – 8 Girls 25Breaststroke

59. 9–10 Girls 25 Breaststroke

61. 11–12 Girls 50 Breaststroke

63. 13–14 Girls 50 Breaststroke

65. 15–18 Girls 50 Breaststroke

58. 7 – 8 Boys 25 Breaststroke

60. 9–10 Boys 25 Breaststroke

62. 11–12 Boys 50 Breaststroke

64. 13–14 Boys 50 Breaststroke

66. 15–18 Boys 50 Breaststroke


67. 7 – 8 Girls 25 Butterfly

69. 9–10 Girls 25 Butterfly

71. 11–12 Girls 50 Butterfly

73. 13–14 Girls 50 Butterfly

75. 15–18 Girls 50 Butterfly

68. 7 – 8 Boys 25 Butterfly

70. 9–10 Boys 25 Butterfly

72. 11–12 Boys 50 Butterfly

74. 13–14 Boys 50 Butterfly

76. 15–18 Boys 50 Butterfly


77. 7 – 8 Girls 100 Freestyle Relay

79. 9–10 Girls 100 Freestyle Relay

81. 11–12 Girls 200 Freestyle Relay

83. 13–14 Girls 200 Freestyle Relay

85. 15–18 Girls 200 Freestyle Relay

78. 7 – 8 Boys 100 Freestyle Relay

80. 9–10 Boys 100 Freestyle Relay

82. 11–12 Boys 200 Freestyle Relay

84. 13–14 Boys 200 Freestyle Relay

86. 15-18 Boys 200 Freestyle Relay 

You'll notice that all 6 & Under events are completed after Event 36.


During the meet teams score points based on the order of finish for the first heat of each event.  Heats 2 and beyond are considered "exhibition" heats and do not count towards teams scores.  Points are awarded based on this chart:

Individual Events

1st Place - 5 pts

2nd Place - 3 puts

3rd Place - 1 pt

Relay Events

1st Place - 7 pts

2nd Place - 3 pts

The same team cannot be awarded all the points for each event.  In individual events that means even if a team has no swimmers entered into an event the other team can only receive points for 1st and 2nd place but not 3rd.  For relays a team can get points for 1st or 2nd but not both.


Ribbons are awarded for each heat.  Therefore if a swimmer competes in 4 events she can expect to receive 4 ribbons.  However, if a swimmer or relay team is disqualified (DQ) for an infraction, no ribbons will be awarded for that event.  Swimmers usually receive their ribbons at the Wed. morning practice after a meet.  This is known as the ribbon and donuts practice.

For individual events ribbon are awarded for 1st to 6th place depending on number of lanes per heat.  4 is typical.  For relays, ribbons are awarded for 1st and 2nd place.

Misc. ASA Rules

Dress Code

Full body suits (Speedo Lazer Racer, Blue 70, Tyr, etc…) will not be allowed in ASA meets. The suit restrictions are as follows: Boys suits are limited to a jammer or brief design that can extend no further than the knee and cannot cover the upper torso or arms.  Girl’s suits may not extend below the knee and cannot extend past the shoulders in coverage. All suits must be made from a “permeable” material and cannot compress the swimmer’s body.

Coaches in the Water

Coaches are not allowed to be in the water with swimmers during a race. This rule applies to all age groups and exhibition swimmers.  An exception to this rule will be made in the case of a disabled swimmer.

Basic Rules for Strokes, Turns and Starts

  1. No swimmer shall use an illegal stroke; turn or kick to better their performance against their competition, or in violation of basic accepted swimming techniques.  Violation will result in disqualification from that event at the discretion of the stroke and turn judge consistent with the rules.
  2. All rules herein have been adapted from the current edition of the United States Swimming Rules and Regulations Publication. With the following clarification:

False Start: If the starter charges a false start in an event, the first false start will be charged to everyone in the heat. If a second false start is charged in an event, it will be charged only to the individual(s) false starting and that (those) individual(s) will be disqualified and not permitted to swim that event. False starts in the League Championship will be charged to the individual and not the field.

C.In pools with water depth of less than 4 feet at the start end all swimmers must start from in the water at the start end of the pool that the swimmer is entering the water from. Normal backstroke starts are permitted in this water depth.

Cancelation & Postponement

Care for the safety of the swimmers and spectators should be of the utmost importance in deciding whether or not to continue competition.

IF the meet is delayed more than 30 minutes due to Inclement Weather AND half the events have been completed (43 events) AND there is a decisive winner (40 point lead or more), THEN, the meet will be called and the leader takes the win.

IF the meet is at or past Event 66 (end of 15-18 boys breaststroke) and a team is ahead by 30 points or more and the meet can’t continue due to inclement weather that the meet will be called and the leader wins the meet.

IF the meet is delayed more than 30 minutes due to Inclement Weather AND less than half the events have been completed (less than 43 events) OR if there is no decisive lead (less than a 40 point spread), THEN, one Parent Rep and one Coach from each team should:

  • Agree to continue the delay for an additional 15 minutes, OR
  • Agree to reschedule (if there is sufficient time remaining in the season), OR
  • Agree to a tie and both teams will be credited with a win.

NOTE:  If no agreement can be reached, then the Parent Rep of the leading team makes the decision to either reschedule or take the tie. The option to continue the delay must be agreed to by both teams.

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