2020 Hammerheads Registration is OPEN!

    Hello Hammerheads!

    We are so excited for the 2020 season! Registration at https://huntleyhills.swimtopia.com is OPEN!

    Teaming up with Beth and I this season is Andrea Botham. She and her family have been members of HHSTC for 8 years, her daughter Lila has been swimming as a Hammerhead since she was 5. Andrea is our former Volunteer Coordinator and a newly elected Board Member for HHSTC. She will work side by side with Beth and I to officially take over my position and Team Rep in 2021.

    That being said, we are looking for a new Volunteer Coordinator. This job entails checking our sign ups weekly, sending a reminder email before meets, getting to the pool before meets to check in and/or find parents to fill the remaining spots, and check in volunteers at the half way mark. This job could be shared and you are welcome to make this your own and organize it as you like. Other than that, your are free for the meets to watch your kiddos swim. Andrea did an awesome job creating this role last season and I believe that our volunteers were at an all time high. Please let me know if you are willing to take on this role!

    Please note the new Non-Member changes this season during the registration process, MEMBERS make sure that this box is not checked so that you are not charged the extra fee.

    Our Nike suit is being retired at the end of this year and more difficult to order SO we are exploring options for a new CHEAPER suit. It is important that our team LOOKS like a team, so, in the coming week or so, we will be displaying our new suit that will be available to order on our team store. Please stay tuned. You will also be able to order other items such as a customized silicone cap as well as goggles.

    VOLUNTEERING (your favorite part)

    Again this season, we are asking each and every family to volunteer FOUR times this season. We intend to hold everyone to this as in years past, we have a lot of the same volunteers doing the work at every meet. In my experience, recreational sports require parent volunteers and our swim team is no different. There are roles big and small for everyone to find an area to participate. If you would like to step up to fill a season long role to manage age groups/genders, or manage the bullpen(benches) please let me know. You are welcome to sign up for more than 4 volunteer roles.

    Upon registration, your will be prompted to sign up for your roles, please note that all events have been marked HOME as we do not have the schedule yet. There will be changes to the volunteer roles once the schedule is set but we would LOVE to see those roles fill up before our season officially starts! Just remember, if everyone is chipping in, we all spend less time working and more time see our kids swim! Even if you are volunteering, YOU WILL SEE YOUR KIDS SWIM!!

    Swim families that do not wish to volunteer their 4 shifts over the season can instead donate $250 towards the team. This is limited to 10 families. You can choose this option in the Merchandise section of your registration.

    All swimmers that are interested in coaching, please contact Coach Beth at coachbeth44@gmail.com


    If you own a business or know of a business that might be interested in sponsoring our team this season, please contact us at hammerheadswimmgr@gmail.com for more detailed information. We are also looking for a few dedicated parents to help us acquire sponsorships around the Chamblee area. Please reach out if you are interested in that role.

    A few important dates:

    Mid March TBD Suit fittings at the clubhouse

    Late April TBD Parent meeting

    April 30th- Final day to register in order to recieve/order a t-shirt with registration (any extras will be on a first come first served basis

    May 3rdSwimmers assessment time TBD

    May 4th First evening practice

    May 22nd First morning practice

    All meets listed on the website

    June 27th Champs

    July 1st End of season party

    Thank you in advance for your participation this upcoming season.Please reach out with any questions or concerns. hammerheadswimmgr@gmail.com .

    Looking forward to the season!

    Go Hammerheads!

    Team Reps Caryn Briggs and Andrea Botham

    Coach Beth Zubia

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