Meet this Saturday, 17 Aug

    Parents, a few things for this Saturday....

    I will have a clipboard at practice for you to confirm your attendance to the meet on Saturday and to also annotate what strokes your child may want to swim. 

    If you will not be at practice, please email me if they will be there for the medley relay in the beginning, the free relay at the end, and what strokes they may like to swim. 

    There will be a max of three choices so please put them in preference order.

    The meet is at Gainsborough which is right around the corner and the address is below. Please be on the deck at 8:15. 

    1961 Gainsborough Dr, Chamblee, GA 30341

    It wouldn't hurt to bring a few extra chairs and all the normal goodies that you bring to a swim meet.

    The the meet starts at 9:00, warm ups are at 8:30, and relay teams are put together at 8:50.

    We will need about five volunteers to do watches, to help get kids lined up for their events, and potentially other jobs the league dictates.  Please consider stepping up to help. Ty!

    And please bring lots is water to practices and to the meet...

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